Selling & Buying
  1. Sellers must use the appropriate window "For Sale" sign available at Gibson & Associates, LLC for $3.00. Yard, realtor, hand-made, and commercial signs are not allowed.
  2. If a seller wishes to have an open house, an "Open House" sign may be placed at the Stonehenge entrance and at the entrance to the unit. These signs should be placed no sooner than one hour prior to the start of the open house and should be taken down no later than one hour after the close of the open house.
  3. Before closing, sellers must provide the purchaser with a Disclosure Packet. Please request a Disclosure Packet from Gibson & Associates, LLC by going to
  4. Both the Condo Act and the Property Owners Act require a seller to give a Disclosure Packet to the purchaser. Section 55-509.4.A states "a person selling a lot shall disclose in the contract that (i) the lot is located within a development that is subject to the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act (section 55-508); (ii) the Act requires the seller to obtain from the property owners' association an association disclosure packet and provide it to the purchaser."
  5. Sellers must notify Gibson & Associates, LLC prior to closing. Gibson & Associates Management will complete an inspection of the unit to determine compliance with our HOA standards and help fix any outstanding issues.
  6. Sellers must notify buyers of any landscaping, exterior maintenance, or other upkeep that may be the responsibility of the new owner.
  7. Sellers must provide the new owner with the following item upon closing: pool access key.

  1. Buyers are responsible for reading the Stonehenge Association Handbook and following the HOA rules.
  2. New owners should notify Gibson & Associates, LLC if they did not receive a pool key upon closing. The replacement fee for a pool access key is $25.00.
  3. A member of the Stonehenge Welcome Committee will visit you once you have moved into the neighborhood to answer any questions you may have.

  1. Homeowners who plan to rent must use the appropriate window "For Lease" sign available at Gibson & Associates, LLC for $3.00. Yard, realtor, hand-made, and commercial signs are not allowed
  2. Homeowners are responsible for providing a copy of the Stonehenge Association Handbook to their tenants.
  3. Homeowners are responsible for having their tenants follow the HOA rules.



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