Stonehenge Sculpture
 Restoration of the Stonehenge Sculpture, March - April 2016.
Our one of a kind iconic 20’ high sculpture at the front entrance of Stonehenge had begun to deteriorate after 40 years and drop chunks of concrete as well as to crack in numerous areas. There were large holes on the under-side of the three-stone crosspiece and cracks in the top.
The sculpture was created by noted Roanoke artist George Solonevich in 1976. Mr. Solonevich, who died in 2003, built the form which is made of steel I-beams, cinderblock, rebar, and concrete/Dryvit.  (Dryvit is a private company that produces a product that is a synthetic version of cement; it mixes into Portland cement, creating a mix that can be sprayed on or spread with a trowel.)
In talking with Mr. Solonevich's family, the Board of Directors was referred by them to National Pools as they had worked with Mr. Solonevich in providing the concrete for his original design. Mr. Solonevich had the pool company spray it with Dryvit over the cinderblock form, which he then worked to shape and smooth into the form and texture of stone.  Mr. Solonevich then painted on the lichens, moss, and other details to further create the look of stone.
National Pools recommended Chris Lloyd of Creative Concrete Concepts as the best contractor for the job as he builds sculptural water parks nationwide.
Mr. Lloyd has restored the structure by removing and replacing rusted and deteriorated rebar, patching and sealing all cracks, repairing the large areas of crumbled concrete, adding a layer of concrete over the entire structure to protect it from further water intrusion, and then reproducing the textures of lichens and mosses in keeping with those created by Mr. Solonevich.

Stonehenge Sculpture Restoration




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